Our Mission




KIVER believes in equal opportunity for high-quality education for all humans. Regardless of their socioeconomic background.

By Izzy Kiver

KIVER's mission is rooted in recognition of the fact that our education and the environment in which we are raised, determines our social class and earning potential for life. As someone who did not grow up in a highly advantaged area. I know from first-hand experience the sort of divide and isolation a lack of quality education can create and how it inhibits all future opportunities and growth throughout life. 


I started KIVER with the vision to provide a means for a transformative education to anyone that seeks it; regardless of how badly they failed in the past or how poor their upbringing was. I believe in a society that can coexist with one another and recognize that we are all very much human, regardless of race, creed, or gender.

This begins with educating ourselves and being more conscious of our own history and where we see ourselves in the future as a society. While the traditional avenues of education focus on the "what" which is formalized sets and protocols we are told to memorize and follow. KIVER's principle of pedagogy focuses on the "why" and manifests deep thought and exploration in everything we do, teach, and learn. I have utilized everything I learnt from surrounding myself among highly ambitious, educated, and culturally cognizant people, to establish a reform in education which trains future leaders and policy makers, who can think critically as well as expansively and further the development of our society as a conglomerate.   


KIVER's values can be distilled into five key-points: 

A) Advancing society through education by making quality education accessible to all. 
B) Infuse cultural aesthetics of mind and body through education and human growth.
C) Equality in network and surrounding influence between all social classes. 
D) Equality in advancement in career opportunities between all social classes and gender.
E) A guarantee for a humane experience while receiving your higher education.
"Held to a higher standard." 
"A KIVER is someone you become by displaying the ambition necessary to complete the KIVER Path. By engaging in this journey you belong to the KIVER tribe who all share in the following traits."

K-Knowledge (The foundation of identifying your being, 'Man know thyself')

I- Information (The most valuable item in the universe of which every fiber of being is created from)

V- Vigilance (Being watchful for danger and disorder in personal habits and society)

E- Evolution (To evolve/mature beyond your default-state)

R- Resilience (Maintaining a positive mental attitude while transforming adversity into opportunity)


"A KIVER is someone you become by displaying the ambition necessary to complete the KIVER Path."

It is built into our core belief to build accomplished people who are courageous, ambitious, and can think critically outside of their comfort zone. Individuals who can ramp up and take on challenges fearlessly. 

"We are only as potent as the average of five people who influence us most."

By entering the KIVER network you are immediately exposed to a talent pool of like minded, highly ambitious people, who will advance you throughout life.


“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world."

The legacy which KIVER aims to leave is:

  • To have set the bar higher for all humanity.
  • To have united and engaged people who would otherwise not entertain a visit with each other.
  • To have created a nexus of knowledge and information sharing for the betterment of our society and species as a whole.

Join the movement and make life changing education available for all-classes within our society.

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