Become a Harvard bound college grad in 40 weeks

Use the same tactics Harvard grad students use to achieve your undergraduate degree in 40 weeks or less and continue at Harvard Grad School.

The KIVER Path to Harvard

Offering the only regionally accredited Bachelors degree which can be completed in 40 weeks or less. KIVER expands your critical and design thinking abilities, enabling you to demonstrate proficiency in college classes for credit without the need for subject matter expertise. Learn more. 

Define your purpose and establish it with a reputable certification in a most in-demand skill. According to our student Audre Hyatt, "After completing the KIVER Ladder exercise your life's purpose and how it aligns with your end goal becomes incredibly clear." Learn more. 

KIVER teaches you how to get into Harvard Graduate School with zero competition. You gain admittance by leveraging the habits, skills, career competency and degree obtained through your KIVER experience. Learn more. 


I. College Degree

The degree for visionaries

KIVER trains only the most ambitious students that are deliberate about achieving the fastest legitimate method to earning a Bachelor's degree, in order to advance their professional interests by pursuing graduate school or entering into a high paying role in the workforce sooner. This is accomplished through developing superior critical and design thinking capabilities that allow you to master large amounts of information and prove proficiency in college courses for credit. Students who begin as early as High School senior year graduate with a HS diploma and Bachelors degree simultaneously.Added benefit: Kiver believes that you need to ' Train like you play.' Especially so, during the most formative college years.There is no GPA, SAT/ACT, or College Essay required for admission. The degree is entirely performance based and tests your ability to think critically (break down info), employ design thinking (expand information) embracing an education model with the closest application to the real world. 

II. Career Competency

The Kiver Ladder

Having a degree is not enough in today's competitive job-market. KIVER is involved in your education journey, from degree to job. That's why after building the high level skills necessary to be competitive in today's workforce you learn how to identify the career you love through an intense six-step ladder exercise which helps you identify the work you love to do, using the skills you are most gifted at, working in your ideal environment with people you love. Once you are decided on your career path, you are paired with a certificate program through NYU or Stanford to develop expertise in an in demand industry skill. Approaching the job market with a practical skill is an absolute game changer for your career.


This program is not for everyone. Future CEO's and industry leaders that need the smartest way to start honing their leadership skills early on will find the greatest benefit from this approach to education. 

III. Ivy League Recognition

The ID

The Degree

The Lifestyle

Alumni, Clubs, and Network

This is what your Graduate degree will look like
A network that carries you for life
Harvard Innovation Lab

KIVER partners

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“Since starting on the KIVER path I have felt a major increase in my self confidence and ambition. After working with Rochelle and Izzy for just a month I started a non-profit organization with 70 attendees from my school and gained more popularity than I can imagine. I am grateful for the opportunity KIVER gave me and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a major change in their life."
Eric Aaberg
J.J. Pearce High School